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Bowles Clothiers: A Hannibal legacy

This photo shows the east side of the 100 block of North Main Street in 1959. Sonnenbergs Department Store is at left, and Bowles Clothiers is adjoining. Photo by Kathy Threlkeld, from the Steve Chou collection. Republished in Chou’s book, “Images of America, Hannibal, Missouri, Bluff City Memories.” In 1959, the store was owned by the Clarence Lampton family. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY John J. Bowles and his brother-in-law, James P. Traynor, partnered circa 1892 in a business venture on Hannibal’s North Main Street. Bowles, then 27, was married to Traynor’s sister, Maggie (also known as Mary). The clothing store, originally named “Famous Clothing,” was at first located at 114 N. Main, on the east

Rev. T.C. Fox launched church from Market St. grocery store

This is believed to be a photo of the P. Van Evercooren dry goods and grocery store, located at 2205 Market St., Hannibal, circa 1917, Paul Van Evercooren is believed to be standing the third from the right. Photo posted on Findagrave by Diana. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY When the Rev. Thomas C. Fox began his ministry at Hannibal in the fall of 1919, a grocery store served as the sanctuary, and a dry goods box was the altar. Called to Hannibal from St. Stephen’s Catholic Church at Indian Creek, Mo., his task was to launch a second Catholic Church for Hannibal, which was initially named the Church of the Incarnate Word. In Hannibal, Arch Street (both north and south) would serve as the new dividing l

DeLaporte Shoe Store owner called foot doctor

John DeLaporte Sr., left, owner of the DeLaporte Shoe Store at 1801 Market St., works with his nephew, Ray DeLaporte. CONTRIBUTED DeLaPorte Shoe store was located at 1801 Market St., Hannibal, Mo., during the 1940s and 1950s. CONTRIBUTED This photo, taken by Otis Howell for the Courier-Post in 1957, shows the east side of the buildings facing Market Street, Hannibal, Mo. Located in one of those buildings was DeLaPorte Shoe Store. At right is a portion of the Eugene Field School playground. Note: Bev Darr of the Hannibal Courier-Post staff interviewed J.C. DeLaporte in 2011, regarding his father's shoe store on Market Street, Hannibal, Mo., during the 1940s and 1950. The story was published i

Nerlich family businesses continued for nine decades

Located inside the former grocery store at 1905 Market was a State Farm Insurance office, owned by Edwin S. Wilson. Mr. Wilson retired in 1980, and sold the buildings to the Missouri State Highway Department in the mid 1980s. The buildings were later demolished. Photo, taken in the 1970s, was contributed by Edwin’s son, Ed Wilson. Otis Howell is credited with this November 1960 photo of the 1900 block of Market Street, Hannibal, Mo., looking east. At right, on the south side of Market, are the buildings which housed the Nerlich family businesses for some 91 years. The big two-story building was a hardware store, and the smaller building, (shown with a State Farm Insurance emblem) was the Ner

Midnight burglar alarmed West Side neighborhood

This is a facsimile of the area north of Market Street where the late-night robbery of the Van Evercooren property took place in August 1892. The arrow points to the Van Evercooren house. Illustration by Mary Lou Montgomery based upon the 1890 Sanborn fire protection map. Ellen A. Lilly Van Evercooren is shown in an undated photo posted on Findagrave by Diana. Ellen was the victim of a late-night robbery in her home in 1892. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY On a late August night in 1892 – near midnight - Ella Lilly Van Evercooren was awaiting her husband, August, expected in Hannibal aboard night train from Denver. Staying with her at the Van Evercooren’s home, located at 201 Willow St. (a block to the

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