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1969: People who contributed to the Courier-Post's rich history

This picture belonged to Archie Hayden's mother, Patsy Ruth Hayden who was working switchboard at the Courier-Post in the summer of 1969. Pictured in their Sesquicentennial costumes and beards are the following, front row from left, Marge Smith, LaVerne Hawn, Pat Hayden, Connie Hayden. Back row, Ed O'Neil, Herbie Powell, Otis Howell, Paul Lindhorst and Ross Carnahan. CONTRIBUTED/ARCHIE HAYDEN

Note from Mary Lou: This photo was taken six years before I started work at the Courier-Post. In 1975, when my career began, I worked with Otis, Marge, LaVerne, Paul and Ed. All of these folks are part of the fabric of the Courier-Post's vast history.

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