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50 years ago: Children celebrate First Communion

Receive First Communion - Pictured above are young children of Blessed Sacrament Parish who received their first Holy Communion Nov. 25, 1965 at the 8 o'clock Mass, celebrated by the pastor, Rev. Richard L. Kaiser. Left to right, those pictured are as follows: Front row - Curt Conrad, Stephen Gordon, Mark Chuplis, Jim Minton, Walter Latimer, Kevin Harris, Jeffrey Sherman and Edward Chuplis; second row - Dorothy Thompson, Kip Robison, Michael Ruiz, Bill Frier, Joel LaRose, Jim Wilson, Robert Hafner, Chris Doyle, Mike Greening, Rusty Alexander, Fred Paolicchi, Gerald Smith and Laurie Harris; third row - Cindy DeLaPorte, Julie Quattrocchi, Marcia Orscheln, Renee Bailey, Nancy Clisham, Teresa Janney, Elizabeth Galluzzio, Elizabeth Janes, Mary Beth Simpson, Veronica Grant, Cindy Potts, Lisa Fields, Catrine Harris and Cathy Ley; fourth row - Frank Teriet, server, Jill Mulhern, Cheryl Wick, Christine McKenzie, Laura Teriet, Jill Lampton, Rev. Kaiser, pastor and Keith Robison, server. Sigler photo. From the files of the Hannibal Courier-Post


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