What a good day!

Go ahead, ask me what kind of a day I had ...


I met Dixie Ward and extensively toured the Hull History Museum. Mind blowing? Yes!


I received a research request from the state of Maine!


and ...


I got a compliment from Orlando on my St. Mary's Pharmacy story.


In addition, I set up a comment space on this Website, and received a note from Deena Budd, who helped give me the inspiration to set up this site in the first place.


Also, I heard from Sandy Grundy, who got me my job at the Courier-Post 39 years ago.


Finally, Dixie Ward shared this INCREDIBLE photo with me, which is the first of many unique Hannibal-area photos to come.


This man, standing on his wagon, is riding across the railroad bridge at Hannibal. I've never seen the photo before. And trust me, I've seen a lot of photos!



Bless you all for hanging in there with me while I get this blog site figured out.


Mary Lou

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