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1967: Undertakers announce plans to discontinue ambulance service

Advertisement is graciously supplied by Steve Chou, a part of his vast historic collection

Jack Kretzer recently shared memories of his transport to an eighth-grade birthday party via a funeral home hearse. That memory in mind, I found the following article, dated 1967, which announces the Hannibal funeral directors' plans to discontinue that service.

Hannibal Funeral Firms to Quit Ambulance Calls

From Hannibal Courier-Post

Moberly Monitor-Index, Jan. 25, 1967,

HANNIBAL – All except one of Hannibal’s funeral homes will discontinue ambulance service to residents of the area effective Feb. 1. There is no other ambulance service available.

In other cities where privately operated funeral homes do not provide such service, the city maintains municipal ambulances or service is provided by the hospitals or a professional ambulance company.

A spokesman for the funeral homes involved in the change said the discontinuance was precipitated by “increasing operational costs” and “new federal regulations.” He said that the expense involved in providing comprehensive ambulance service is rapidly growing prohibitive.

One Hannibal funeral director estimated 1,100 ambulance calls are answered by the funeral homes each year.

Only the Clark Funeral Home will continue to accept ambulance calls. Those discontinuing the service include the O’Donnell Funeral Home, Schwartz Funeral Home and Smith Funeral Home. A fifth one, Robinson Mortuary, does not now provide the service.

Among other Missouri cities which have or about to discontinue ambulance service by private funeral homes include Joplin and Carthage.

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