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Who is this mystery man? Otis Howell, Eddie Hodges? Someone else?

To me, it looks like Otis Howell. Am I right? This photo is from Steve Chou's vast collection.

Three of my high school classmates - and Otis' daughter, Martha, responded with their memories. I still don't have a conclusive answer, but here is some fun discussion:

Dale Dennison: I believe you are correct to say that it is Otis Howell. The clothing he has on is of the same that he wore when he would go out on a photo shoot. I guessing this photo was taken either late 40's or early 50's. Mom and Dad used to go on trips with Otis and Deloris to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite in the late 40's.

Martha Howell Serati: I don't know Dale - I have never seen a photo of Daddy like this - but you could be right. This fellow is also a teensy bit trimmer than any photos including those of him from when he was in the service.

Linda Treaster Rhoades: Just a long shot, but do you remember when we were in Junior High, and some young famous/celebrity/movie star/heart throb guy came to Hannibal for the Tom Sawyer festivities? He was maybe a couple years older than us, & I don't remember his name - maybe someone else does. Could this be him?

Judy Davidson Dryden: I remember in junior high when a red-headed freckle-faced actor named Eddie Hodges came to Hannibal for Tom Sawyer Days because he was starring in a movie version of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I Googled him and the Images back then have sort of the same type hair do. I do remember him having some kind of jacket on that day... and it was sooo hot outside!

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