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Hannibal says: "Welcome Buddy"

Welcome Buddy

This photo, part of Steve Chou’s vast collection, shows the businesses associated with the Fidelity Building in the 600 block of Broadway. The building is draped with patriotic banners and “Welcome Buddy” post-World War I signage.

The businesses on the ground level are pictured, from left, 613, C.L. Goodman, confectionary (rear) Quality Ice Cream Co.; Drugs, 615 Broadway; A&P, 619 Broadway; and 621, White Bros. Barbers.

In 1918, according to the Hannibal City Directory, the businesses on street level were: 613, C.L. Goodman, confectionary; 615, Clendenin Shoe Co.; 619, George .F. Castle grocer; and 621, C.R. Scott barber.

In 1922: C.L. Goodman, confectionary; 615, Clendenin Shoe Co.; 617, W.J. Roth real estate; 619, George F. Castle, grocery; and 621, C.R. Scott, barber.

Upstairs in 1923, from left, W.J. Roth real estate; J.H.G. Grimaud, dentist; Glenn R. Miller, osteopath; Wm. D. Bull and J.C. Bull, chiropractors; Prudential Insurance Co.; Mrs. H.M. Farmer, Miss C.B. Thompson, dressmaker; Miss Blanche Rich; and Albert E. Thomas.

Gaging from the Sanborn maps of 1913, it looks like the Fidelty building was construction around that year. The map indicates the drawing was made from the building's plans. The building was to have a metal roof on the first floor.

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