Unlucky railroader involved in two wrecks

November 23, 2015

 Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad covered bridge near 1925 Market Street over Bear Creek. Taken 1903 by Anna Schnitzlein.


Archie Hayden has followed this thread and finds it a very fascinating  
story.  He wrote:


"One of the men on the crew was injured and was off for some  
time.  When he was finally healthy enough to resume work he marked up  
and on his very first trip back he was involved in a head on collision  
between the H&St Jo and the old Wabash.  I bet he was wondering if  
railroading  might be a nice former occupation.  To add interest to  
the story a small trunk of jewelry being shipped on the baggage car  
that followed the engine into the creek was lost in the water.  For  
months on end the local boys scoured Bear Creek looking for the lost  
trunk, mainly for the big reward since the value was about $15,000.  
The actual spot where the bridge failed was over Minnow Branch a few  
hundred feet before crossing Bear Creek.  This was right behind Anna  
Schnitchlien"s home on Market  Street  Look about 2 inches to left of  
covered bridge and you can see the trestle work of Minnow Branch."

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