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A frozen river, an early aviator, and a daring feat

Courier-Post photographer, Otis Howell, took this 1953 photo of J.R. Kelly’s Drug Store, located at 1928 Market in Hannibal, Mo. The pharmacy is best remembered at Cornelius Pharmacy. Walter Cornelius and Paul F. Wright purchased Kelly’s Pharmacy and in the 1950s they operated it as Hannibal Pharmacy. Cornelius eventually bought out his partner and renamed the business Cornelius Pharmacy. OTIS HOWELL PHOTO / STEVE CHOU COLLECTION NOTE: Thanks to Hannibal native James F. Featherstone for this story suggestion. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY On Wednesday, Feb. 19, 1936, a snowstorm raged practically all day in the Hannibal/Palmyra area. Cold temperatures had prevailed for the previous five or six weeks,

A few burials at Robinson Cemetery in Hannibal, Mo.

I came across the following death notices during my research for the Robinson Cemetery story, posted at www.maryloumontgomery.com June 17, 2017. - Mary Lou Montgomery 1921 Thomas Easly passes away Wednesday morn Hannibal, Dec. 1 – At 1:40 o’clock yesterday morning occurred the death of Thomas Easly, colored, at his home at 516 North Ninth street, at the age of 63 years. Deceased was born in Palmyra and had resided in the county his entire life and for 50 years had been an employee of the Burlington railroad in this city. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at the Helping Hand Baptist church and interment will be made at Robinson’s cemetery. Mr. Easly was one of the most prominent

Robinson Cemetery lineage rich in Marion County history

This is the original plat map of Robinson Cemetery, drawn in 1921. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY When Moses Gentry was about 27 years old circa 1825, he came to Missouri from Virginia, settling in Marion County’s South River Township. There he held a land grant for 85 acres located in Township 59 West, Range 6 West, Section 23. In order to transform the virgin land into profitable agricultural acreage, he likely brought along slaves from Virginia – the custom of the day. Thus the Virginia transplant and the slaves he owned, became pioneer Missouri settlers. Moses Gentry married Nancy Vanlandingham on March 1, 1831 in Marion County. By the time the census taker came to call in 1840, his household consi

South River Township agricultural land owners, May 1901

Sadie Withers poses in front of her house at Withers Mill. Photo used for illustration in this story. Taxpayers in South River township, Marion County, Mo., May 1901, the number of acres each tax payer owns is given as a matter of information. Palmyra Spectator May 8, 1901 South River Township W.L. Albright 94 acres Boone Bros. 764 Herman Buckhold 200 Mrs. R.H. Dickson 155 Henry Drust 160 Geo. Dornes 210 B.N. Eales 105 Jacob Earhart 99 G.W. Frankenbach 163 Jacob Fink 275 Pat Feeney 140 Phil Frankenbach 130 Geo. Grankenbach 75 Fred Frankenbach, 69 M.O. Gore 60 J. Mart Gash 357 Fred Hallrah 200 C.D. Henter, 136 W.H. Jacobs 83 Wm. Jones 210 Mrs. E.F. Kruse 135 J.M. Kinney 132 W.J. Kaden 151 W.H

Agricultural land owners Miller Township, Marion County, Mo. 1901

Photo used for illustration; Rigney family photo collection. Miller Township acreage 1901 Reprinted from the Palmyra Spectator May 8, 1901 Taxpayers in Miller townships, the number of acres each tax payer owns is given as a matter of information. Miller Township Adkins, Geo. W., 144 acres Adkins, T.A. 55 C.W. Adkins, 55 F.B. Adkins, 62 J.O. Adkins, 156 H.F. Adkins, 80 J.M. Basket 500 Frank Benz 80 Mrs. W.H. Berryman 10 W.M. Bowen, 115 W.J. Boren, 50 W.F. Brown, 169.5 Mrs. M.D. Bates 462 John Bowles estate 402 O.D. Bowen 136 Dr. F.W. Bush 241 Uray Brown 107.5 S.D. Bowen 354.5 Buckholder, 80 Laura P. Brown 80 J.M. Catron 29 F.M. Cary 175 C.C. Dudley 202.5 W.B. Dudley 177.5 D.M. Duaney est 240

Hofbauer name represented integrity and business finesse

The Hofbauer Bros. Drug Store, located at 1401 Market Street, Hannibal, served Hannibal customers for 62 years. The business was sold to Ben Western and Ray Gresham in 1946. STEVE CHOU COLLECTION MARY LOU MONTGOMERY Hannibal’s city marshal, August Hofbauer, stood accused of misappropriating $3 in cash and an imitation diamond pin from Leroy G. Stewart. Stewart had been arrested by Hofbauer on Feb. 11, 1876, after becoming noisy while drinking with friends. At the time, Hofbauer confiscated a revolver, a knife, $3 in bills and the pin, with an estimated value of $20. Once Stewart paid his fine, Hofbauer returned the revolver and knife, but didn’t return the cash and pin, Stewart maintained.

Barber believed in the U.S. Constitution, and Republican party principles

Bennett E. Bridgewater, left, who trained as a barber after his service in World War I, poses in his shop circa 1927. The photo was taken by John Hermann Herring with his new portrait camera. Allen and Connie Ballard, who contributed this rare photo, believe the woman Bridgewater is working on is his wife, Ona, and that the other woman is his wife’s sister. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY When Bennett E. Bridgewater posed in his Hannibal barbershop circa 1927 for a picture taken by John Hermann Herring with his new portrait camera, he had no idea where life would take him. He did, however, know from where he came. Born in Arkansas in 1895 to parents who would ultimately migrate to the Salt River basin i

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