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Bringing history to life, one story at a time

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Stephen Glascock  and Henry Etta Gentry were born of Missouri pioneer families, and together raised seven children, with a foundation of strong Christian principles and Democratic politics. 324 pages, hundreds of identified photos. Treasured personal stories and rembrances of people past. Even treasured family recipes! $25, including shipping. Email for details. Email: Click here

Loaded with photos!

Peter Becker and Louisa Gribling were both born in 1842 at Prussia, Germany. They met and married in Mansfield Ohio, moved to Atchison, Kansas, and raised 11 children. A Civil War Union Army veteran, Peter Becker went on to operate Peter Becker's Mineral Bath House in Atchison. 218 pages, hundreds of identified photos. Treasured personal stories and rembrances of people past. $25, including shipping.  Email: Click here

 Research Trilogy 

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Family stories!

Susan Sweeny, who emigrated from Ireland in the 1840s, arranged to bring her nieces and nephews from Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, to Hannibal, Missouri, in 1870. Thus begins the story of the Robinsons in America. A local story with far-reaching international connections. 230 pages, hundreds of identified photos.Treasured personal stories and rembrances of people past. $25, including shipping.   Email: Click here

 About Mary Lou Montgomery 

A  journalist by trade and a history enthusiast by avocation, during the last four decades Mary Lou Montgomery has written stories that collectively form a unique history archive. From her earliest stories, written in the late 1970s, to a trilogy of family history books compiled in the early 1990s, to today's award-winning research stories published in the Hannibal Courier-Post, Montgomery is recognized and respected for her depth of historic knowledge and penchant for accuracy, plus her dedication to bringing history to light, one story at a time.


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