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A house built around a rail car; roads paved of button remnants

Archie Hayden of Hannibal shared this photo of the demolition of the house on Route MM, which was constructed around a railroad car. Jean Otten Moore of Pennsylvania recently share her childhood memories of this house, which was last owned by Darold Davis. CONTRIBUTED/ARCHIE HAYDEN MARY LOU MONTGOMERY When William J. Roth died in 1934 at the age of 76, the real estate investor was the legal owner of a number of properties located in and around Hannibal, Mo. Among those properties was a 34.88-acre tract of land with frontage to the north of Highway 36, which is now known as County Route MM in Marion County, Mo. His two surviving children ultimately became heir to this highway frontage, locate

Depression-era values sustained local business

David W. (Bill) Carenen operated at grocery store and meat counter at 611 Union Street, Hannibal, Mo, from the mid 1920s to the mid 1940s. CONTRIBUTED PEGGY CARENEN RICE MARY LOU MONTGOMERY HANNIBAL, MO. - David W. (Bill) Carenen wasn’t a tall man - standing at just 5-foot-7 when he registered with the government at the start of World War II. But he cast a long shadow in his blue-collar neighborhood on Hannibal’s South Side, and as a Union Street grocery merchant for more than two decades. Backed by staunch investors and regularly supported by loyal customers, from the mid 1920s to the mid 1940s, he maintained a full-service market at 611 Union, featuring a meat counter that was second to no

Rendlens left Germany to start a new life in Hannibal, Mo., prior to the start of the Civil War

At the time of Catherine Rendlen’s death in 1902, she lived at 2314-16 Market, (earlier known as 318 Market) with various members of her family. The family’s business interests were located to the right; east of the house. MARY LOU MONTGOMERYThe historic Rendlen graves are located in Section 2 of Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Hannibal, Mo. From left, W.G. Rendlen M.D., who brought his family to Hannibal prior to the Civil War, daughter Eliza Rendlen Morris, who died in 1886, and Catherine A. Rendlen, (W.G. Rendlen’s widow) who served as matriarch of the Rendlen family until her death in 1902. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY MARY LOU MONTGOMERY On Aug. 6, 1850, Gottlieb Wilhelm Rendlen, age 25, married Anna Kat

Tom Dooley made a career of dealing cards in Hannibal

This photo, estimated to have been taken in 1946-47, was taken in the backroom of the Illmo cigar store at 209 S. Main, Hannibal. Starting at the far right, the men are identified: Diz Gurleman, Nick (The Greek) Gramatick, (?) Bill Docker; John Ewing; Cocky Stoddard; ?Don Salter; Grover Waid; Tom Dooley; ?Fred Cooley; Everett Dooley; Estel Norvell; Brownie; Gene Dooley; ?; Whittamore; and ?. Photo contributed by Bob Dooley. Represented in the photo are three generations of Dooleys. CONTRIBUTED BY BOB DOOLEY MARY LOU MONTGOMERY Tom Dooley was a full-time, professional card dealer. These are the words of his grandson, Robert (Bob) Dooley, the youngest and last surviving member of four generati

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