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Memories of Market Street

In the Market Street story I posted on Oct. 6, there is a mention of the Marion House on Market Street. In researching, I've often wondered exactly where it was located. I used a Sanborn Map to pinpoint the location. At the turn of the 20th Century, the fire station was in existence 1 block to the west of the Monroe House. That building is still standing, on Market in a wedge where Market and Lyon separate. If you go further east on Market (don't do that, it's now a one-way street!) the Monroe House was on what is now the parking lot for the Muffler Shop. Judging from the jut in the road, the building just to the east of what was the Monroe House is still standing on its original site.

Those buildings are about all that's left of the Market Street business district of 1885. But I can still visualize it in my mind.

Next time I go that way, I'll snap a photo and attach it to this post.

I feel so CONNECTED to these landmarks. I've studied the people and their personalities so much that I feel I know them. My goal is that these people and their lifestyles won't be forgotten.

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