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Scheineman: Son of Hannibal baker became circuit judge in Sterling, Ill.

An email queary from John O'Donnell sent me on a research path that came up with some very interesting information. John's father, Frank T. O'Donnell, operated a drug store at 501 Broadway in Hannibal during the 1950s and 1960s, and the family lived upstairs.

I set out on an internet search to see what other businesses had operated in that location during Hannibal's past. A name I came up with was August Scheineman, who was proprietor of the Busy Bee confection store at that location in 1905 and 1907.

His son, August Scheineman Jr., born at Hannibal in 1896, was a Hannibal High School student in 1913. I found a mention of him in the University Missourian, Monday, Oct. 13, 1913, accessed through Chronicling America

Arretta Watts was a teacher of English at the high school, and she served as supervisor for the Black and Red weekly newspaper at Hannibal High School. Dorsey Hedberg was the newspaper's student editor, and August Scheineman Jr., was the business manager.

The newspaper came to the university's attention because Miss Watts was attending a course at the School of Journalism during the summer session.

"The Review carries a liberal amount of advertising and news that is excellently presented," the Missourian newspaper reported.

August Scheineman Jr., graduated from the University of Missouri, and ultimately became an attorney. He retired as circuit judge in Sterling, Ill.. He died in 1970 at Brownsville, Cameron, Texas, age 74.

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