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A day well spent - at Robinson Cemetery

I treated myself to a walk through Hannibal's notable Robinson Cemetery on this delightful Sunday afternoon in mid December. It was the first time for such a visit, and I took my time, walking past each grave in order to read the inscriptions.

I found the final resting place for Oscar Estill, my junior high school home room teacher. I also paused at the grave of the McElroys, who made the tamales that I featured in the newspaper some years back. Many of the names on the stones were familiar, and all alone on this hillside - but not alone - I had a wonderful opportunity to renew old aquaintances.

These were proud people; proud of their families and the contributions they made to make Hannibal a better place. I will get into a little more depth with my research finding soon, but for today, I want to state that I am peace with this day well spent.

Robinson stone.jpg

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