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Courier-Post veterans bid editor farewell

Hannibal Courier-Post current staff mingles with veterans on Monday, Dec. 29, at a retirement reception for 39-year newspaper veteran Mary Lou Montgomery.

From left:

Jim Salter, a former Courier-Post Editor who now works for the Associated Press in St. Louis.

Mary Lynn Pfaff Richards, former Courier-Post journalist who now works for the Hannibal Parks and Rec.

Mary Lou Montgomery, who started as a proof reader in 1975 and retired as editor at the end of 2014.

Danny Henley, a Courier-Post journalist for nearly 30 years who will mark the publication of his 1,000 column in January 2015.

Don Smith, Hannibal native who is now publisher of the Grand Island Independent, Grand Island, Neb.

Bev Darr, Courier-Post journalist since 1980.

Also in attendance but not pictured are former staffers Brent Engel and Chuck Herron, and current sports editor Jason Farmer. In addition, journalist Denny Hollingsworth of Paris, an occasional editorial contributor, and Susan Stark, former food writer for the Courier-Post and Salt River Journal, attended the reception.

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