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King Kalakaua of the Sandwich Island visited Hannibal

Did you know?

His Royal Majesty King Kalakaua of the Sandwich Islands was in Hannibal on Feb. 16, 1875"

The Hannibal Clipper reported: King Kalakaua "will arrive here on the 2:20 train A.M. and will be escorted to the Planter’s House by a committee appointed for the occasion. There will be a grand masquerade procession through the principal streets in the afternoon, headed by Prof. Kaehn’s brass band of 18 pieces; the procession will meet at Turner Hall at 1:30 o’clock p.m., sharp, and will march from there to the Planters House, where they will receive his Royal Highness, who will join in the procession, escorted by a number of prominent citizens."

Photo: Wikipedia

King Kalakaua .png

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