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Lu Jaworsky: Farewell to a long-time community newspaper supporter

The Hannibal Courier-Post carries with Tuesday's edition news that Lu Jaworsky's life ended over the weekend.

During my 39-year journalism career with the Courier-Post, I had more than a few meaningful conversations with Lu, who was always generous in his support of community journalism.

My favorite interaction came in 2012, when Lu brought to my attention the residency of Louis Rennau at a Hannibal health care facility. Lu met me at the facility, and together we went through Rennau's scrapbooks, which contained highlights of Rennau's musical career with the 1960s-era 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.'

The most recent contact was a letter, hand-delivered to me at the Courier-Post on the day of my retirement party on Dec. 29. I took the letter and envelope home with me to put in my scrapbook with other well wishes. I saved his address so I could respond. But I didn't complete that task. Now it is too late.

So I share a message to him in this venue: Lu, thanks for supporting me all the years of my journalism career. Thanks for standing by your community newspaper, sharing news tips and insights from the past. Thanks for introducing me to Louis Rennau. Thanks for sharing your memories of growing up on Mark Twain Avenue. Thanks for "letting it be" when I made a misstep, and for the cheers when I did something right.

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