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Family reunion, 1934, home of C.S. Winn

Jack Kretzer, who grew up in Hannibal, shared this family photo taken at 918 Lindell Avenue on Sept. 2, 1934.

Jack's early years were spent living with his grandparents, Coleman S. and Bertha Winn, at 918 Lindell Avenue, because his parents couldn't find jobs during the Depression. The young family lived upstairs, and the older folks lived downstairs. Jack remembers going down the street to the grocery store on the corner and looking at the penny candy. The house was located near the Bear Creek bottoms, but the house never flooded. After the Depression, his dad sold insurance for F.T. O'Dell, who started Grand View Burial Park. Jack's mother sold cemetery lots. Mr. O'Dell "had a since of looking at something and figuring out hot to make money," Kretzer said. Jack's father sold cemetery lots at Grand View.

Pictured are the following:

Front row, from right to left:

Donald W. Winn, son of C.S. Winn Jr.

Charles Y. Rosser, born 1861


Mary Frances Carter, daughter of Frances

Sarah Kretzer, sister of John T. Kretzer Jr.

Louella Truett Scott Rosser, family matriarch,

Leland Dean Troutman, son of Edith Pearl Scott Troutman, 1888-1970

Grace (Roberts)

Gene (Roberts)

and Morine (spelling?)

Back row, from left to right:

Raymond Cecil Scott, born 1883

Josie Scott, Raymond Scott's wife

Edith Pearl Scott Troutman, 1888-1970





Jackie, child

Coleman Stowers Winn Sr.

Robertha Adelia Scott Winn, born 1880

John T. Kretzer Jr.


Roberta Winn Kretzer


Mary Edith Winn, wife of C.S. Winn Jr.


Unknown, wife of Lloyd,

Frances Winn Carter and

Rolla Wade (Jimmie) Carter.

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