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Preserving memories of the past

My email account was "hacked" last week, and a spam notice was sent out to all of my contacts, telling them I was in some foreign land and was in need of money.

I was right here in my hometown the whole time, so that's not a worry. And something very interesting came out of the adventure. I heard from people I hadn't corresponded with in a long time. People in all parts of the country reached out, and we had an excuse to touch base.

Bill Howe and I visited on Sunday, on what turned out to be the 64th birthday that he shares with his twin, Jim. We reflected on the 40th anniversary reunion for the Hannibal High School Class of 1969, some six years ago.

He asked me to pass greetings on to our classmates in Hannibal, and friends who were in our class, such as Scott Meyer. He also mentioned Bucky Richmond and Scott Anderson.

He had already discovered this web site, devoted to people and personalities of Hannibal and beyond. He got special enjoyment from old photos I posted in previous weeks, including sports teams, and the senior banquet, featuring Debbie Gentry.

"Pictures are primal," he said, bringing memories back to life.

It was good to reconnect with old friends. Thanks for worrying about me guys, and for helping me preserve memories of the past.

Mary Lou

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