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Peek through the windows of an 1875 Hannibal wedding

Matrimonial notice from the Hannibal Clipper, Sept. 22, 1875.

Pitts-Fleming - Married, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. R. H.Fleming, Tuesday evening, Sept. 21, 1875, by Rev. D.J. Holmes, Mr. Charles J. Pitts and Miss Sarah J. Fleming. All of Hannibal.

Numerous invitations has been issued, and many friends of the bride and groom were most liberal in that which constitutes a fashionable wedding. Many very rich and valuable articles were sent in, all of which were exhibited during the evening. Aside from the rich presents, the occasion was a most interesting one, a season of festivity without that restraint which so frequently prevails at such assemblages - a reunion, for the most part, of friends. Many were the congratulations bestowed upon Charley and his wife, and fervent wishes for their future prosperity and happiness.

We here enumerate a portion of the bridal presents, all of which were very valuable and some possessing rare beauty: Set of bed room furniture, bride's father; pickle stand, Willie Pitts; syrup stand, F. Waller, jun, and wife; card receiver, Reuben Hickman; mug, Mrs. L. Southard; pepper and salt castor, Mrs. Geo. Morris; pepper and salt castor and napkin rings, A. Ellegood; soup ladle, A.J.Davis; set napkin rings, Wm. R. Taylor and wife; set napkin rings, Wm. R. Taylor and wife; set napkin rings, A.P. Shepherd and wife; napkin ring, Miss Nannie Pitts; set tea spoons, Mr. and Mrs. P.W.Drew; berry spoon, Mrs. John Sproul; berry spoon Mrs. H.W. Morris; sugar spoon, Miss Kate Waller; jelly spoon, Miss Mima Owens; pair of vases, Mr. and Mrs. S.M.Silvers; vases, Mr. and Mrs. James Stubbs; pair of mats, Mrs. A.E. Hewitt; napkins, Mrs. Dr. A.L. Allen; pair butter knives, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Pitts; bouquet, Miss Jennie Kidd; bridal bouquet, Miss Susie Kidd; large bouquet, Mrs. J.H. Boughton; vase, Mrs. E.Y. Chevalier; handsome set Roman jewelry, the groom.

The most liberal preparations had been made by the bride's father and mother for entertaining the guests and the appearance of the tables was that of a banquet occasion. Everything that would cheer but not inebriate, was displayed that would tempt the appetite, and when at a later hour, the party separated, it was with a hearty wish that the bride and groom might with health, wealth and happiness, live to enjoy a ripe old age.

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