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Lineage of St. Mary's Pharmacy

J. Forrest Palmer, original owner of St. Mary’s Pharmacy. CONTRIBUTED/DON FULLER

J. Forrest Palmer opened St. Mary’s Pharmacy in 1927, located on the west side of St. Mary’s Avenue, numbered 2907, in the business block that now serves as office for Dr. William Esicar (2903), and continuing north to the parking lot of Griffen’s Floral Co. (2919).

J. Forrest Palmer sold St. Mary’s Pharmacy to Harry D. Petrie circa 1934.

The son of Samuel L. and Sophia M. Petrie of Camp Point, Adams County, Ill., Harry Petrie and his wife Verlie lived at 232 N. Hawkins along with their daughter, Carol, in 1940.

After leaving Hannibal, the Petries moved to Bowling Green, where Harry opened a pharmacy on the Courthouse Square in 1941. He continued to be affiliated with the Bowling Green Pharmacy for many years.

Melvin Bird and Ray Washburn bought the pharmacy in 1941 and Washburn sold his share of the business to Bird in January 1945.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to Steve Chou for his research assistance for this story.

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