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Lots of tykes attended Mark Twain Elementary in Hannibal Missouri

Robert Spaun obtained this photo of Mark Twain School students at a Hannibal Postcard Club auction. Estimated date of this photo is 1937.

The students pictured are as follows:

Row 1: Donald Lilly, Lois Amburn, Albert Meyer, Betty Benton, Jack Wade, Jeannie Jordon, Palmer Stolte, Morjorie Shepherd, Mary Grimoud, Frances McClain and John Howell.

Row 2: Eugene Smith, Robert Colborn, Marilyn Schlosser, Walter Chandler, Shirley Schwon, Carl Conrad, Vernon Couch, Bonnie Blanton, Le Roy Dennis and Betty Parrish.

Row 3: Eugene Rush, Jeanette Mackey, John McIntyre, Shirley B. Troutman, Edwin Scobee, Virginia Glascock, Billy Mudd, Ruby Culp, Dickie Poole, Dorothy Walker, Jacqueline Adams and Mary I. Tillquist.

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