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1890: Hannibal wants a Colored Physician

Saturday, May 31, 1890


Indianapolis, Ind.

Hannibal Missouri is a city of at least 18,000 inhabitants. About one fourth of them are colored, many of these are intelligent and thoroughly progressive. There are three colored grocery stores now, and within the next two months there will probably be a dry goods store and also a boot and shoe store. There is a negro paper run by a force of eight men and women. One of the best real estate agents in the city is a colored man. A colored notary public. Splendid churches, and extraordinary good educational facilities, and many other advantages are enjoyed by the Afro-American element of the city. The Standard extends a special invitation to a good physician and lawyers to come and locate. Laboring men have work for most all the year, and many of them have employment the year round in the timber yards, machine shops, foundries, packing house and wholesale houses. Any good colored physician who may locate in Hannibal will do well. Hannibal wants a good colored physician.

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