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2010: Carenen cousins convene for reunion in Hannibal

At right: David Carnenen visits with cousins who gathered for a reunion in Hannibal during August 2010.

Published in the Hannibal Courier-Post Aug 21, 2010 Hannibal, MO

The Carenen family convened in Hannibal during the weekend of Aug. 13 to 15, 2010.

Organized by Hannibal native David W. Carenen, family and friends traveled from Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Boston, Indonesia and Springfield, Ill.

Original plans included a picnic at Hannibal’s Riverview Park on Friday, Aug. 13, but intense heat moved the event inside to the home of David Carenen’s half brother and his wife, Becker and Linda Spaun of Hannibal. Picnic food was sliced meat and sliced cheeses on bagels and buns. There were 13 guests in attendance.

David was joined from Kansas City by his immediate family: sister, Peggy (Carenen) Rice; daughters, Molly and Bonnie Carenen; and Bonnie’s dear friend, Irami. Other guests were Nada Cain of Oklahoma City, with her brother, Ron, his wife, Valerie and his sister, Toni; Denese Kuhn and her sister; and Liz Murphy of Springfield, Ill.

Patty Scott of Hannibal, who babysat for David and Peggy when they were children, joined the gathering during the afternoon. Honored guest was Helen Kuhn.

Invited but unable to break a previous engagement was Janice Schanbacher, David’s fourth- and fifth-grade teacher at Mark Twain Elementary School.

While in Hannibal, David had the opportunity to tour the elementary school, noting that it looks much smaller now than it did when he was a student there.

On Saturday, Aug. 14, family members attended the Little Union Cemetery Association’s 175th anniversary, west of Palmyra on Route 168, where family members are buried.

On Sunday, Aug. 15, family gathered at Scott’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Hannibal, where Linda Spaun serves as minister. Guest preacher was the Rev. Bonnie Carenen, David Carenen’s daughter.

David and Peggy Carenen are the children of William R. Carenen and Mary Louise Robinson Carenen Spaun. David and Peggy are the grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Carenen, who for a time operated a grocery store on Union Street in Hannibal.


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