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Extended Glascock family gathered in Marion County, Mo., August 1911

"The Glascocks of Marion County, Mo.," was compiled and published by Mary Lou Spaun Montgomery and Robert Robinson Spaun in 1992.

They contacted representatives of surviving descendants of Stephen Glascock (died in 1923) and Henry Etta Gentry Glascock (1849-1912) - - and asked them to send anything they had on their respective descendants. And they did.

True to the era in which it was published, the result was a 324-page, comprehensively indexed book (10 pages of indexed names), created on a word processor, printed on a table-top printing press, and collated by family members in Mary Lou Montgomery's basement. Robert Spaun's bathtub doubled as the photo developing lab.

Among the heritage photos in this 28-year-old book is a priceless photo of the 1911 Glascock family reunion at the home of Stephen and Henry Etta Gentry Glascock. Hallie Margaret Birney Fisher's mother, Bess Birney, was unable to attend the reunion. Bess is credited with numbering and identifying the people who did attend. (See accompanying photo)

The book is not digital, but rather ink on paper.

And there are a few copies available for sale! $25 plus shipping.

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