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Review: "The Notorious Madam Shaw"

Dorcas Hampton.

Written by Jan Thomas, Tulsa Oklahoma

I was impressed with the overall historical nature of the book. It’s amazing to read about the differences in everyday life just 3 or 4 generations prior. The lack of opportunity for women in previous centuries to this one is astounding. I’m so thankful for the progress that has been made by so many before me that I now enjoy and take for granted. Allowing inappropriate treatment of minorities, women and children is difficult to read. It bothered me to read the treatment Dorcas and the slaves were forced to endure by her father and stepmother. It’s necessary to acknowledge and remember these events in order to learn from the past with the intention to make progress.

I appreciated the tenacity of Dorcas. Her determination afforded her many privileges so few single women had at that time. Her story and that of others in the book reminded me of how much we need and yearn for acceptance in our family and community. I noticed how family roles have changed over the centuries. In that time period children were “seen and not heard”. That is not the case anymore.

I would say the judicial system has improved. The chance for fairness for everyone seems to be more likely now than ever before even though there are still many defects. I was glad Dorcas was acknowledged as an heir in the final judgment from the court.

Thank you for all your work and dedication in preserving this story.

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