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Historic house on roadway’s curve contained generational memories

Dr. F.W. Bush, at right, is seated near the house where he grew up as a boy, and raised his children as an adult. The house was located on a curve of the Palmyra to Hannibal road, half way between the two towns. The house burned in 1953. Posted on Findagrave by David L. Bush. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY Dr. F.W. Bush devoted his life to taking care of his patients living in and around Hannibal, particularly in the Mt. Zion neighborhood, Marion County, Mo. Born at the turn of the 19th Century on the same farm where he would later raise his family, he remained true to his rural Missouri roots throughout his lifetime. But things can happen along the best thought-out path, which can leave even the most

1918: Spanish influenza claims life of Miami, Okla., businessman

Addison T. King, 1903, a member of the junior class. Central College yearbook, Fayette, Mo. Ancestry.com MARY LOU MONTGOMERY While hostilities were mounting abroad and America’s imminent entry into the world-wide battlefront was becoming evident, one segment of Oklahoma in particular was experiencing an economic boom. Ottawa County, encompassing Miami, in northeastern Oklahoma, underwent a structural transformation during the years 1916-1918, unlike any building boom prior to that time, or probably since. The mining industry in and around Miami, where lead and zinc were in abundance, set the stage for riches achievable to seemingly anyone who would dare invest. The Miami Record-Herald report

Hannibal artist made a name for herself in New York City

From the Vogue Magazine free online archives, cover illustrations by Alice De Warenne Little, who grew up in Hannibal, Mo. From left, cover dates May 15, 1916; April 15, 1917; and January 1, 1918. Famed actress Ruth Gordon enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York in 1914 at the age of 17, and during that time was a resident of the Three Arts Club. She went on to work for more than a half century in the entertainment business. Credits include Harold and Maude, 1971; Taxi, 1978-1983; and Rosemary’s Baby, 1968. Daily News, New York, Sept. 15, 1956. Newspapers.com Clubroom at the Three Arts Club. Deaconess Jane Harris Hall is pouring tea. Dec. 5, 1903, New York Tribune. News

Rev. Little’s family witnessed Hannibal’s history in progress

Rev. E. Porter Little, as pictured in the “Mirror of Hannibal,” by Thomas H. Bacon, and reprinted by J. Hurley and Roberta Hagood in 1990. MARY LOU MONTGOMERY It was bitterly cold in Hannibal, Mo., on Sunday morning, Feb. 3, 1895, the high temperature for the day only reaching to 7 degrees above zero, as recorded by John J. Suter and reported in the Palmyra Spectator. The sky was cloudy and there was a snow cover on the ground. Just as Hannibal’s Trinity Episcopal Church choir began singing its first hymn for the morning service, a fire broke out in the front of the church. Smoke filled the building, and those inside escaped through the exits. The fire source was soon discovered: A pipe conn

Review: "The Notorious Madam Shaw"

Dorcas Hampton. Written by Jan Thomas, Tulsa Oklahoma I was impressed with the overall historical nature of the book. It’s amazing to read about the differences in everyday life just 3 or 4 generations prior. The lack of opportunity for women in previous centuries to this one is astounding. I’m so thankful for the progress that has been made by so many before me that I now enjoy and take for granted. Allowing inappropriate treatment of minorities, women and children is difficult to read. It bothered me to read the treatment Dorcas and the slaves were forced to endure by her father and stepmother. It’s necessary to acknowledge and remember these events in order to learn from the past with

1907 prank, plotted in HHS boys’ bathroom, backfired

Walter B. Weisenburger played football (and pranks) at Hannibal High School, graduating in 1908. He served as executive vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers for 13 years, until his death in 1947. Photo credit, Indianapolis News Oct. 28, 1940. Newspapers.com Scott Meyer military William Scott Meyer, pictured while serving with the military during the World War I era. CONTRIBUTED/MARY BETH MEYER MARY LOU MONTGOMERY Will Logan was the fullback on the Hannibal High School football team during the fall of 1906, and Walter Weisenburger was right guard. Two big guys, they carried their weight on the field, and their cockiness into the classroom. But they were no match for vet

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