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1937 Underwood typewriter

My father, William B. Spaun, moved to Hannibal, Mo. in August 1937, and set up a law practice in the Hornback Building, located at 500 Broadway. He started his law practice with the typewriter pictured along with blog entry. A few years later, he purchased a new typewriter, and gave the old one to his mother, Bertha Becker Spaun, in Atchison, Kan. Throughout the years, she used this typewriter to write him letters, which he kept and I ultimately inherited.

In the year 2000, my uncle brought the typewriter back to me, and it occupies a prominent place in my house.

My father was a member of the Scribes with the American Bar Association, and prided himself on his ability to write legal documents. I inherited his passion for writing.

I proudly display a picture of his typewriter on the home page of my web site, as a link to where I came from, and where my passion for writing will take me.

My granddaughter typed on the keyboard, then asked: "How do you hit send?"


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