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'River Queen' had roles in historic movies

The River Queen, which was docked across the Mississippi River from Hannibal for two tourist seasons in the early 1960s, sank while moored at St. Louis, Mo., on Dec. 2, 1967.

The River Queen was previously known as the Eagle Packet Company steamer Cape Girardeau, and later renamed the Gordon C. Green. (Source,

Mike Marx, who worked for a short time as a bus boy on the River Queen docked at Hannibal, remembers movies in which the riverboat was used in production.

Perhaps the best known movie was Gone With the Wind.

It was also used in “Bend of the River” (1952) with James Stewart and Rock Hudson.

During a recent discussion with members of the Hannibal Lions Club, Jim Humphreys remembered that the boat was also used in “Kentuckian,” (1955) a Burt Lancaster film.

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