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Section 36 Township 57 Range 5W Marion County Missouri

Thanks to my daughter, Marla, I have located boundaries of land that was in my family in the later part of the 19th Century.

The property is the south east quarter of Section 36, Township 57, Range 5 West, in Marion County, and contains 160 acres.

My daughter did the math calculations for me, changing acres into feet and ultimately miles.

Through careful study of old plat maps, I found that eastern most boundary of Section 36 is at the intersection of Ruby Avenue and Market Street. My daughter told me that the next boundary would be a half mile to the west. My husband and I followed Market Street west and clocked it in our car, and found that the western boundary of this quarter section is at the western edge of Dean Poage Motors on Paris Gravel Road.

It has taken me nearly three years to find the exact location. The north end of the quarter section backed up to the Wm. Henry Hatch farm.


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