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Rev. H.C. Garrett officiated at Methodist churches in Hannibal, Macon and Brookfield Missouri

Rev. Harvey Chandler Garrett's son married into my family. Included in the "Glascocks of Marion County Book" I co-published with my brother 20 years ago, is an interview with his granddaughter, Miryl Morris. She supplied this photo, which includes Rev. Garrett's wife, Annie.

If you have ties to Macon, Monroe City, Hannibal or Brookfield, you might find of interest some data I found via a digital newspaper search of the Macon and Monroe City newspapers.


In 1901 Rev. H.C. Garrett was pastor of Hannibal's Arch Street ME Church.

In 1903, he relocated to Macon, where a new ME church was planned. in May 1904, the congregation closed on a contract for the construction, with a cost from $12,000 to $14,000.

The following year, Rev. Garret was appointed pastor of the ME Church South in Brookfield.

In 1906, he was appointed conference Sunday school secretary, and moved back to Hannibal, where he became interested in a real estate transaction which developed the Eure Place Subdivision.

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