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South School sixth graders, Hannibal, 1875

The world's history resources have typically focused upon the famous and the infamous. What I love about newspapers is the recording of data for ordinary people as well.

I found this little story in the Hannibal Clipper from 1875, which names the sixth grade students at Hannibal's South School. The teacher, J.W. Ayres, was my great-grandmother's first cousin. Note the varying ages of the students in sixth grade.

Report of Room No. 1 South Hannibal School, for First Quarter, ending Nov. 12, 1875.

J.W.Ayres, teacher

A Class 3rd quarter, sixth grade

Carrie Ashbey, age 15

George Bailey, 12

Julia Brunner, 13

Mary Boedeker, 12

Hattie Benham, 14

Otis Clark, 13

Samuel Davis, 14

Nellie Disbrow, 13

Ella Hart, 13

Benj. Hager, 12

Benj. Harris, 13

Sarah Jenner, 14

Annie Jenner, 12

Daniel Lyons, 13

Henry Miller, 12

Cornelm Murphy, 15

Annie Martin, 15

Fannie Robinson 13

Maggie Ryan 12

Robert Robison, 12

?smith, 13

Marry Sanner, 16

Josie Stark, 13

Ella Sanders, 13

Etta Wilbert, 12

Mollie Wilber, 13

Lizzie Walker, 13.

B Class, 1st Quarter, 6th grade

Maggie Brady, 11

William Buchanan, 13

Philip Chase, 12

John Martin 12

Walter Morrison, 13

John Phelan, 13

Louie Rivers, 13

Lela Stewart, 13

Valley Stevens, 12

Nap Leon Sanner, 14

Maggie Smith, 12

E. Sutherland, 12

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