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1875: Hannibal Mercantile Library; Something about its past and present

An excerpt from the Hannibal Clipper, Nov. 16, 1875

Books Sign

There are now 2,331 books in the library, and a judicious selection has been made from the various branches of literature. In fiction the catalogue is especially rare and complete. By the payment of only three dollars you secure a membership which entitles you to access the treasures of over 2,000 volumes for twelve months, or by paying one dollar you can get your winter's reading (3 months.) The Library Room is open without fail, every day of the week, except Sunday, from 4 o'clock p.m. till 9 o'clock p.m. This institution is needing our support, citizens of Hannibal, and it is an institution of which we may well be proud; shall it be encouraged by your substantial aid? We commend the subject to the candid and thoughtful attention of all.

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