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1933 Stowell grad, son of Hannibal car dealer, died in 1986

Just for fun, I compiled a little story on one of the 1933 Stowell Junior High School graduates who are pictured in a compilation in Steve Chou's vast collection.

Harold Arnold Fletcher, a native of Pike County, Ill., operated Fletcher Motor Sales, 112 Lyon St., Hannibal, when his son, Harold Pershing Fletcher, was a student at Hannibal’s Stowell School. The younger Harold Fletcher is pictured in a 1933 compilation of Stowell Junior High School graduates, which is part of Steve Chou’s extensive photo historic photo collection.

Young Harold Fletcher was born July 20, 1918, in Washington, D.C., and by the time of the 1930 Census, the family, including his siblings Virginia, Sherwood and Perry Fletcher, was living in Hannibal.

Three years after he graduated in 1933 at roughly the age of 15, his father and mother, Harold and Gertrude Eliza Newberry Fletcher, divorced and each ultimately remarried and left Hannibal.

He died in October 1986 in Springfield, Ill., at the age of 68.

Compiled from census, Hannibal City Director and Social Security Death Index documents.

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