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Lori Lynn: Motel and restaurant on Broadway

The Lori Lynn Motel, across the street on Broadway from the old St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Sue Giroux's real estate office is now located in the storefront to the right, and an used car dealership is in the storefront at left. The sight of this photo brought back a flash from the past. My youngest sister, Shirley, was born at the end of December in 1959. While Mom was in the hospital, Daddy got us four older kids all dressed up, and on New Year's Day, we stood on the hospital lawn and waved to mom, who was in the maternity ward on the third floor. Then we went out to eat. I have a vague memory that we ate at the Lori Lynn restaurant. If I'm wrong, I'm sure my brother Becker will correct me. New Year's Day 1960.

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