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‘Colored’ church at Broadway, Griffith

The location of the colored church on Broadway is designated with the numeral 2

The colored church on Broadway, located on the northwest corner, was the Broadway AME church, a predecessor of Scott’s Chapel Church of Hannibal. The late Lola Richardson wrote a history of the church, which is posted on the Hannibal Free Public Library’s website. She wrote that Circa 1892, the church moved to Broadway, just west of Griffith Street. After experiencing financial difficulties in the late 1890s, the church congregation was forced to sell the building. The building was located directly across the street from the Burkholder Dairy.


operated dairy

Burkholder Dairy, 1589 Broadway, was located on the southwest corner of Broadway and Griffith streets. Near the beginning of the 20th Century, Mrs. Mary J. Burkholder (widow of John D.) was head of the family dairy operation, which was set out on lots 1, 3 and 5 on Broadway’s south side. The address was later renumbered 1600 Broadway. The house was in close proximity to Broadway, while the outbuildings, presumably for dairy cows, were at the rear of the property. The 1880 census notes that John D. and Mary J. (Wisdom) Burkholder had 10 children living at home, Dolly, Hattie, Joseph, Lucy, George, William, Nettie, Medora, Bertha and Edward. John D. Burkholder died prior to 1899; and son William F. Burkholder was killed in a railroad accident on the Wabash lines at New Florence, Mo., Aug. 31, 1899.

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