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James and Caroline Curtis Gooch, Houstonville, Ky.

James and Caroline Curtis Gooch Houstonville, Ky.

Grandparents of Effie Gooch Droz

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During the course on my ongoing historical research, I came across a scrapbook compiled a century ago by a Cleveland, Ohio, businesswoman, Effie Droz. The book features members of her family, who I have been able to tentatively identify via age and family groupings.

Mark DeNardis, Effie’s descendant who inherited the scrapbook, has granted me permission to share these photos.

Effie Gooch Droz of Cleveland was the daughter of Docia Belle Horton Gooch and Thomas W. Gooch, Lincoln, Kentucky.

Effie’s mother, Docia Belle, was the daughter of John and Susan Gooch Horton. Docia was born circa 1870, and died June 17, 1935.

Effie’s father, Tom W. Gooch (born1869) died September 1940, and was son of James Gooch and Caroline Curtis.

This is the first in an ongoing series of photos of the Kentucky Horton and Gooch families.

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