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Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad tracks rerouted: Archie Hayden

According to this 1885 Sanborn Map, the Hannibal and St. Joeseph Railroad tracks were to the north of the Ketterling Hotel on South Main Street. I had always assumed they were to the south of the hotel. Train historians Becker Spaun and Archie Hayden will be shocked to realize I didn't know this little bit of trivia! Mary Lou Montgomery

Archie Hayden offers this explanation of the track location:

"You were half right about the tracks of the Jo Line being south of the depot. The original tracks were coming out of the Hannibal yards where the roundhouse was. Later when they built Union Depot, they constructed 6 tracks to serve the depot and track # 6 was the H&StJ track which came in from the K Line north of Kiwana's Park and then it ran across Main Street just north of the Kettering (Marion) Hotel between two buildings and joined into the original Jo tracks going westward on Collier Street." Archie Hayden

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