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Stately property on Broadway has interesting history of its own

Viorel House Broadway.jpg

On the way downtown on June 11, 2015, I noticed that the late George Viorel's house is for sale, listed by Prestige Realty. George, best remembered for his invovement in boxing and coaching, and his wife lived in this house for many years, but it had an interesting life of its own even before the Viorel occupancy.

I did a city directory search of this property at 1128 and 1130 Broadway. I found that from 1885 until 1916, 1128 Broadway was a doctor’s office. Most of the time, the doctor lived in half of the house, and conducted his business in the other half.

** Note, sometime prior to 1912 the house was renumbered from 1050 and 1052 Broadway, to 1128 and 1130 Broadway.

1885: Dr. John Chamberlain lives and works at 1050 and 1052 Broadway

1888: Dr. John Chamberlain’s office is at 1052 Broadway in 1888.

1892: Physician’s office, J. Charles Thompson, 1052 Broadway

1897: Physician’s office, J. Charles Thompson, 1052 Broadway.

1901: Dr. Elmer E. Waldo 1052 Broadway

1907: Dr. E.E. Waldo 1052 Broadway

1911: Dr. Elmer E. Waldo, 1052 Broadway, Hannibal, Mo (admitted to the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1902)

1912: Dr. E.E. Waldo 1130 Broadway

1914: Dr. E.E. Waldo 1130 Broadway

1916: Dr. E.E. Waldo 1130 Broadway

1920: Waldo's office was moved to at 104 N. Sixth

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