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Former HC-P staff has fond memories of award-winner photographer Otis Howell

Steve Holland of Iowa City, Iowa, who served as the Hannibal Courier-Post sports editor during 1974 and 1975, has fond memories of long-time, award-winning photographer Otis Howell. He discussed these memories during a recent trip back to Hannibal, where his writing career began. When photographing basketball at HHS, Otis would position himself under a basket. “He would always stand at the same basket. That was his shot,” Holland said. Using a flash bulb, which was standard at the time, Otis would take his photo as the player was coming in for a basket. The flash would illuminate the airborne player, and give Otis his shot. “The player’s eyes had to clear for a couple of seconds” from the light flash, Holland said. That was the price the player paid for getting his photo in the newspaper. Among Holland's published works is: “Talkin’ Dan Gable" available via Amazon. Click here for the link. Read more about Otis Howell's photography awards. Click here

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