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June 1939: Hannibal’s three companies of fire fighters

June 1939

This photo of Hannibal’s firefighters was taken in June 1939, according to Joe Farrell of Hannibal. He was so new as a member of the department, he didn’t have a uniform, so someone found a hat for him to wear, and they positioned him behind two other firefighters. He believes he is the last living person in this picture.

Front row, left to right: T.D. McLaughlin, C.F. Featherstone, Jack Smashey, Morris Capp, Glen Layne, William Lacy, assistant chief, in charge of shift A; Chief William A. Gwinner; M.F. Finks, assistant chief in charge of shift B; Otto Schulten, C.W. Sitton, L.J. Sawyer, P.H. Haman, Joseph Farrell and Walter Resa. Rear row: Cleo Kennedy, Clark Bush, Captain H.H. Clancy, Milton Druell, Fred Johnston, Roy Hastings and O.H. Shulse. Two members of the department were not present when the picture was taken, Assistant Chief D.F. Mahoney being a patient in the hospital, suffering from a broken leg received when he was hit by an automobile, and Herbert Sanderson, who was sick. COURIER-POST FILE PHOTO

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