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Do any of these 1935 award-winning quilts still exist today?

Roberta and Hurley Hagood wrote about a quilt show that was staged in Hannibal during 1935, in conjunction with the centennial celebration of Mark Twain's birth.

Following are quilters who gained recognition for their work. A total of 469 quilts were submitted to this event.

The following received awards: Mrs. D.P. Richart, Mrs. R.D. Markell, Mrs. Russell Matson, Mrs. A.W. Larrison, Mary Bash, Mrs. John Eichenberger, Mrs. M.L. Hawkins, Mrs. E.P. Schultz, Mrs. Maud McNeal, Mrs. Dick Wilbur, Mrs. D.W. Chandler, Charles Walker and Mrs. Frank Bohn. Incidental music and musical programs furnished background for the quilt show.

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