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Glimpses of St. Mary's Avenue

Important intersection: When this photo was taken in 1933, this was the intersection of Highways 61 and 36. This Frazer photo is part of Steve Chou’s collection. The Conoco filing station at right (address 2800 St. Mary’s) was operated by the Continental Oil Company. In 1937, Frank H. Walker was the Conoco district superintendent, and Sinclair Mainland was the manager of the bulk station.

In 1937, the filing station to the left (2900 St. Mary’s) was operated by Smith and Wichern. (In 1925, William A. Shaw operated a car repair shop at this same site.) Beside/behind the gas station in 1937, (the side adjacent to Radcliff street) was an associated garage, and George D. Bastine also had a barber shop at this location. (Radcliff street ran between the two filling stations.)

In the distance, the far upper left, through the trees, the two-story brick house, address 3000 St. Mary’s Avenue, can be seen. In 1937 it was occupied by Mrs. Mary J. Dreyer. During the teens, the Velie family lived at 3000 St. Mary’s Ave. It is still standing and has been renovated in recent years.

The intersection at left is where James Road connects with St. Mary’s Avenue.

Note that Missouri 61 followed St. Mary’s Avenue, while Highway 36 followed James Road to the west.

Frazer, the photographer, lived at 3004 St. Mary’s Avenue, next door to Mrs. Dreyer.

In the photo below: This 1956 photo from Steve Chou's collection was posted on the #HannibalMoBicentennial2019 page. At right is the Dreyer Cleaners. In the 1920s and 1930s Mrs. Mary Dreyer lived a 3000 St. Mary's Avenue. In 1937, Dreyer Cleaners was located at 2905 St. Mary’s Avenue.

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