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Ordinance No. 52, Hannibal: No wooden buildings 1859

No wooden houses 02191859

I'll have to do a little more research to discover what prompted the Hannibal City Council to enact the following ordinance in 1859. I'm sure it was one of Hannibal's major fires.

Hannibal daily messenger

Ordinance No. 52, preventing the erection of wooden buildings.

It shall not be lawful for any person hereafter to construct, build or place, or cause to be constructed, built or placed, any building, edifice or addition to any building or edifice, the outer walls of which are in whole or in part made of wood, within that part of the city of Hannibal comprised within the following limits, to wit:

Commencing at the intersection of Hill street with the Mississippi river, and thence running west with south side of Hill street to east side of Third; thence running south with the east side of Third to north side of Market; thence east with said forth line of Market to the Mississippi; thence up the river to the place of beginning.

Approved Feb. 10, 1859

Geo. W. Shields, Mayor

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