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Author Wendi Miller pens children's book with Christmas Story theme

By Mary Lou Montgomery

Published in the Hannibal Courier-Post Dec. 10, 2014

Shelby the Shepherd has a dream which ultimately turns into reality. The tale of the little shepherd and his sheep, “Little One,” is an educational and inspiring story spotlighting the Christmas Story and enticing children to follow Shelby and “Little One” on an unforgettable journey.

Wendi Miller started 2014 with the goal of publishing the story of Shelby the Shepherd in time for Christmas. She met her goal, but it wasn’t necessarily on her time schedule.

“God’s the maker of time; he’s not limited by it,” Miller said. “I have to be patient.”

She shipped the manuscript to two publishers in January, but never heard back. After four months of waiting for a response, she decided to get the book ready for publication herself.

During the summer she worked with Hannibal artist David Engel, who created unique illustrations to accompany her 4,000-word manuscript.

She noted that the illustrations are Engel’s first commissioned work. “I think he did a fantastic job,” she said.

Using the Print on Demand concept, she constructed the book’s pages using the CreateSpace website. This program allowed her to layout each page, choosing from available fonts and type sizes, and wrapping text around Engel’s illustrations.

She designed the book’s cover using Engel’s illustration and the free editing software on Picmonkey.

The books are for sale through Amazon, and there is still time to order books for Christmas gifts. To find her work, search Amazon for Wendi Miller.

The book is geared for children ages 7-12, but children ages 5-6 who are already familiar with the Christmas Story and who can sit for 25 minutes will also enjoy the story, Miller said.

She recently started a part-time job at the new Crossing Hannibal Thrift Store located in the Steamboat Bend Shopping Center. She plans a book reading there at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 13. She invites people to bring their children and listen as Shelby’s adventure begins.

She writes in order to inspire others. “I want to touch as many people as I possibly can. I write for the sake of helping somebody.”

She also has a limited supply of “Little One” lambs for sale.

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