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First graders, 1957-58

Happy Valentine's Day to my classmates in Lula K. Rothweiler's first grade class at Mark Twain Elementary school, Hannibal, Mo., 1957-58.

First row, Judith Davidson, Janet Morrison, Marilyn Burns, Pat Henning, Becky Resnick. Second row, Charles Surbaugh, Tysa Penick, Ronnie Harlow, Cherie Willows, Bruce Crawford and Mary Lou Spaun. Third row, Tommy Bleigh, Janis Franzen, Matt Mengel, Bonnie Bradsher, Raymond Anderson and Lynn Hamlin. Fourth row, Johnny Markell, Pamela Estill, Carl Stallard, Eddie Glascock, Susan Bills, Joe Valbracht, Brenda Epperson and Joey Markell.

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