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Courier-Post news staff, circa 1974

The news staff of the Hannibal Courier-Post, circa 1974. This photo was taken a year or two before I began at the newspaper, so I don't know everyone. Back row, left, is Bob Ross, the editor who hired me. Next to Bob is Gene Hoenes. Publisher Dave Beliles is wearing the light colored suit with his arms folded. Next to him his Otis Howell, photographer, and next to Otis is Shirley Marlow. Debbie Brasier is in the photo, as is Peter Hernon (who went on to become Schaumburg bureau chief for the Chicago Tribune) and Ross Carnahan. Seated at left is Sandy Luipersbeck, who was community editior when I started at the newspaper in November 1975. Sandy, my dear friend from high school, called me one afternoon and asked if I was interested in a part-time job as proofreader. "Yes," I said immediately. Bob Ross conducted the interview, which consisted of "When can you start?" That was the beginning of my 39 year career with the newspaper. I'm hoping some of these former Courier-Post staffers will reach out to me and help me put names with the faces.

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