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Chief Featherstone Says Church is Crime’s Greatest Foe

The Church of Loyalty Crusade

If the majority of the persons who come into our custody had attended church more regularly they would never have had occasion to deal with the police, Chief of Police James B. Featherstone said today. “The Church Loyalty Crusade by the laymen of Hannibal is a campaign that may turn out to be one of the worst enemies of crime. A person who has gotten away from God is usually headed towards a career of crime,” he said.

Chief Featherstone urged that all residents of Hannibal and Oakwood attended at least one church service during November and December. “I would especially like to urge the younger people to take advantage of the back-to-church movement,” he said. “If the younger people can be instilled with the reverence for God, juvenile delinquency will decline.”

W. Merritt Griffen, chairman of the campaign, again urged that church goers aid in the letter campaign telling why they go to church. He said that perhaps for every letter received, an idea will be born that might be responsible for inducing one or more persons to attend church. “If the regular church members will write and tell me why they attend church they will be aiding the campaign as much as the non-church goers who will attend church service during the two months of the crucade.”

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