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1972: Phillip Brown and son, moving a bank safe down Broadway

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Rhonda Hall described to me the day, back in the summer of 1972, when her father's company, Phillip Brown and Son, got the job to move contents, including a safe, from the old American Trust Company building on Market Street, to the new facility built at Seventh and Broadway, and to the main building at the Huck Finn Shopping Center.

Rhonda described the scene like a parade down Broadway. Workers literally pushed the safe down the street to Seventh Street. "JT (Rhonda's brother) wanted to go with Daddy," Rhonda said, but her mother, Elsie, resisted. "We're just going to walk down Broadway," Phillip told his wife, and he prevailed.

She said the men had a police escort, and lots of people came out to watch.

A clipping from the move to the bank's two new locations is posted on the Hannibal Free Public Library's web site:

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