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Former Courier-Post sports editor counts "Talkin'Dan Gable" as part of his portfolio

Steve Holland of Iowa City, Iowa, started his career as a sports writer for the Hannibal Courier-Post during the early 1970s. Eight years after moving back to Iowa and taking a job at his hometown paper, he made a career leap, from journalism to education.

A book he wrote in the early 1980s, “Talkin’ Dan Gable” was part of his master’s degree course work, and it proved to be so popular in his native Iowa – where Olympic Wrestling Coach Dan Gable is legend – that he had it published into a book.

Holland, who went on to earn his doctorate degree and focused his career path on education, still looks back on the Dan Gable book with pride.

“Dan Gable is an icon in Iowa,” Holland said during July, while visiting the town of his first journalism job. “We don’t have professional sports in Iowa.”

His goal when he left newspaper writing was to get a master’s degree in non fiction writing. “You do that, you set a goal, and the goal takes you somewhere else.”

Currently semi retired, he works part time for the University of Iowa, helping institutions build online courses.

"Talkin' Dan Gable" is available for sale via Amazon. Click here

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